Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation (MoEU) has received pre-registrations for more than 18,000 substances under its REACH-like Regulation, KKDIK, with five months to go before the submission deadline.

The KKDIK Regulation requires companies to pre-register chemicals using the ministry’s IT tool by the end of this year, and sets a single registration deadline of 2023 for all substances above one tonne.

As of 23 June, 872 companies had submitted 77,037 pre-registrations covering 18,277 different substances, the ministry told Chemical Watch.

Not all of these substances may proceed to full registration, however. For the whole of the EU/EEA region, around 25,000 substances are currently registered with Echa, 9,000 of which are intermediates.

The IT tool will remain open after 31 December, the MoEU said, to allow companies to pre-register chemicals placed on the Turkish market after this date.

Meanwhile, work is underway to publish candidate list substances in KKDIK’s Annex 14. The list, which is currently unpopulated, will mirror the REACH candidate list.

The ministry plans to carry out a public consultation once the list is published, but it has not yet set a date for this.

It is also working on a long-delayed update of the Turkish classification and labelling regulation (SEA) to bring it into line with the EU’s CLP Regulation.

Source: ChemicalWatch

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