What is a KKDIK Third Party Representative?

kkdik third party representative

Companies should be aware that contact details indicated at pre-registration will be made available to all potential registrants of the substances pre-registered under the same identity code. A KKDIK Third Party Representative may be used whenever the companies consider such information to be sensitive.

The Third Party Representative can perform all substance-related interactions with other potential registrants in SIEFs, manufacturers, importers and downstream users.

What does our Third Party Representative Service offers?

We offer Third Party Representative Service to companies through participation in KKDIK Substance Information Exchange Forums (SIEF) to act on their behalf during pre-registration and registration process. This service includes the following;

  • Protection of client identity and confidentiality
  • Representation in all matters concerning SIEF participation & management
  • Assist in the preparation of joint registration submission
  • Contact with manufacturers, importers and downstream users in matters concerning KKDIK substance registration.
  • Data collection

Do I need a KKDIK Third Party Representative?

KKDIK procedures are not usually confidential. At the moment when you perform a pre-registration of a substance, your company emerges on a list of companies who have pre-registered the same substance. If you don’t want anyone to know the status of your company in the KKDIK process then the Third Party Representative is the right service for you.

KKDIK Regulation [O.G. 30105 – 23.06.2017]

General provisions

Article 5

(2) Any manufacturer, importer, or where relevant downstream user, may, whilst retaining full responsibility for complying with his obligations under this Bylaw, appoint a third party representative for all proceedings under Article 12 (Joint Submission of Data by Multiple Registrants), Article 19 (Joint Submission of Data on Isolated Intermediates by Multiple Registrants), Article 44 (Cost Sharing for Tests Without an Agreement Between Registrants and/or Downstream Users) and Third Part (Data Sharing and Avoidance of Unnecessary Testing) involving discussions with other manufacturers, importers, or where relevant downstream users. In these cases, the identity of a manufacturer or importer or downstream user who has appointed a third party representative shall not be disclosed by the Ministry to other manufacturers, importers, or, where relevant, downstream users.

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